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“All Stitched Up” – Album release

It’s a Forest Gump ‘Box of Chocolate’ type of album – “…you never know what you’re gonna get” from track to track. One minute you’re listening to the creative “Broken Man Blues” (who would have thought blues could be creative?) and then it’s a Deliverance meets Jed Clampert and the Beverly Hillbillies without the Bango… in “Save Yourself”.

One number, “All Stitched up”, the Album title, gives us a window into the Geordie Leach (ex Rose Tattoo) history with a rock feel. Lyrically the angst is relatable as it reflects the torment that can arise out of relationship. The use of the bridge is cleaver and takes it to another level.

A country bounce is where we have a Dolly meeting a young Taylor Swift mix, it’s great how it makes its way on this collage of an Album. “On Track” is a delight to hear even if country “aint yoor thiang

If you want a music education you’ll almost certainly get one with this album. You may never have bothered with Jazz or Middle of the Road before. The song “Lost In transit” particularly bounces into a swinging Ella Fitzgerald feel and clearly shows Andrea’s early musical influences. “Smell the Roses” is simple yet complex. A dichotomy worthy of a Clapton tag…

Andrea excelled in executing a mammoth Vocal task throughout the album. Offering us her three octave range in so many ways…at times drawing from the Ether and eerie operatic gothic soundscape with “Love is a Virus” which is followed by “Party Girl” a Chris Issacesk mode.

I could rant for ever about this complication of original creative and expressive tunes. A genre compilation, by one band, is not done often. This is due to the fact it takes a special team to compose such a varied, skilful and dynamic assemblage.

Proof is in the pudding – You’ll have to buy it. Listening once, sure aint enough.

To quote Jason Westworth – FM Music on Life “The subject matter and content of the songs is as varied as the music itself presenting the ear, mind and heart a complex array of intonation, meaning and emotion. A must buy.

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Track List 

Save Yourself – Hillbilly

Broken Man Blues – Contemporary Blues

Party Girl Adult – Contemporary

All Stitched up – Adult-Oriented Rock

On Track Country – Pop

Love is a virus – Gothic Techno

Lost In Transit – Vocal Jazz

Smell the Roses – Inspirational Soft Rock