A French Perspective

­­­The last time we had heard from Geordie Leach was in 2013 when the legendary bassist of Rose Tattoo was working on a project blues orientated, called Mamas New Bag with singer Andrea Szabo. This new group was a far cry from the angry spirit of Tatts in the late 70’s, but the fact remained that it really held the road well, and good old Geordie had not lost his touch in both interpretation and composition. In other words, we waited welcomingly and impatiently for a new record.

To do this original album, Geordie Leach decided to change the name of the group that is now The Geordie Leach Band – but the excellent singer Andrea is still in the game – to gratify us – this new effort is entitled “All Stitched Up” in which we will find a host of local musicians invited for the occasion.

From the first notes of opener “Save Yourself”, we find ourselves quickly into a rock blues tune with slide guitar. This brings much relief to all and is reminiscent of the rawness developed by the late Pete Wells in Rose Tattoo. It is definitely doesn’t fall into a reissue of his former band Rose Tattoo. Geordie Leach gives us a glimpse of his own personality through his compositions well highlighted by the crystalline voice of Andrea Szabo particularly on the tracks “On Track”, “Save Yourself”,”Party Girl”

The more we advance in the album, the more you realize that the world of The Geordie Leach Band is larger than it appears.  Indeed, Mr. Leach managed the feat of integrating well-crafted jazzy colorations in rock / blues pieces as can be seen in “Stop and Smell the Roses”.

They highlight here and there, a wide variety of musical elements within a single composition without ever losing itself in an infamous patchwork. You can see this in “Lost In Transit” and “Broken Man Blues”.

One senses that the man has finely refined his compositions from the ages and that he demonstrates that he is a true musician, wise and far from the cliché of the bassist and rhythm section formed with Digger Dallas Royal…which incidentally was the best rhythm section of all time in my opinion! 
Moreover, the superb aerial voice of Andrea Szabo glue perfectly to this musical ensemble of richness and accuracy that cannot leave you unmoved.

In the end, “All Stitched Up” reveals a facet of a Geordie Leach that the general public did not know, starting with a technique that is remarkable executing the bass in a bluesy / jazzy style with very open musical creativity that is perfectly controlled.

Yes, it is far from screaming guitars and frenzied rhythm of Rose Tattoo, but old veteran Geordie demonstrates that there IS a life after the Tatts and it is rather successful.
A Strong second album!


Pierre – Chroniqueur