Yes they have it……….all stitched up that is. 

This is not what you would expect from Geordie Leach as you may have known him. He has stretched himself like a musical yogi posturing in many genres.
His once rock Rose Tattoo status has transcended into the realm of extreme difference.

Overtones of his originality, rawness and skill are embedded on the tracks and present an underlying tonality throughout the album.
It is then layered with so much more.

You may be thinking excitedly through the first play “what is going to be next?”

Drawing from decades of life experience, musical exposure and enhanced musicianship he surprises with his variety of colour and texture. This offers us a musical taste that reaches beyond the levels of what a ‘Band CD’ would be expected to be like.

No one type of music dominates the track list. Rock, Pop, Techno, Country Jazz and Blues all play their part in the compilation, each song standing alone in its own right.

Geordie has reached more than a milestone with his first full originals album and has travelled to a terrain beyond expectations.

Andrea Szabo, vocalist and co-writer, has also extended her capacity as a creative.  Lyrically and musically she makes the listener stop and take stock with her warm vocal tone and command, interesting perspective and malleable technique. She massages us into a sense of curiosity with each line, note and feeling. Offering the listener a novel experience and, at times, intense encounter.

The subject matter and content of the songs is as varied as the music itself presenting the ear, mind and heart with a complex array of intonation,meaning and emotion. .

A must buy.             Jason Westworth – FM Music on Life

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