The Geordie Leach Band


Geordie Leach

BORN:  29. March
GENRES: Hard rock, Rock’n’Roll, Rock & Blues, Jazz, Pop, Country
OCCUPATIONS: Musician, Engineer, Arranger, Producer
ASSOCIATED ACTS: Buster Brown, Rose Tattoo, The Giants, Southern Lightening, Phil Para, Tuff; Mamas New Bag, The Geordie Leach band

Albums with Buster Brown :
Something to say – (1975)

Albums with Rose Tattoo :
Rose Tattoo – (1978)
Assault & Battery – (1981)
Scarred For Life– (1982)
Southern Stars – (1984)

DVD’s with Rose Tattoo :
Live at Boggo Road Jail (1993)
Live at Broadford (1983)

Albums with Cash Backman :
Father And Son (1995)

Albums with The Giants :
Nature Of the Beast (1997)
Working Underground (1998)
Live In Europe (2002)

Albums with DC And The Rich Men :
DC And The Rich Men (2005)

Albums with Tuff :
Night in The Padded Cell (2006)

Albums with Mamas New Bag :
Mamas New Bag (2013)

Albums with The Geordie Leach Band :
All Stitched Up- OUT NOW

The Geordie Leach BandGeordie started his professional career at 17, with Melbourne rock band Buster Brown.  In 1974 and ’75 he played at legendary outdoor music festival  Sunbury, which boasted acts such as Billy Thorpe and Johnny O’Keefe. He also played in Tommy Sands, USA rockabilly star’s, backing band.    Geordie has appeared on many TV shows including G.T.K, Countdown, Sounds and as a performer, on Blind Date. In 1976 he moved to Sydney and joined heavy rock band Rose Tattoo and toured Europe many times as well as the U.S.A.

His career has spanned more than 40 years with 19 Albums under his belt. He has appeared in USA and Europe arenas holding over 250,000 people and has an array of writing and playing credits to his name. He was inducted into the ARIA HALL OF FAME in 2006..He has played with Buster brown, Southern lightening, Rose Tattoo, Phil Parra, Jeff Duff, Peter Wells. He has supported Guns and Roses, ZZ  Top, Foreigner   Ricthie Blackmnore. He has personally worked with Bon Jovi , Elton John  and Joan Armatrading. Geordie has recorded several albums with producers Vanda and Young . He has his own recording business and many albums to his credit.