Andrea Szabo

Professional singer and entertainer

Andrea’s professional singing career took flight after completing a Performing Arts degree at the University of Western Sydney. With her one-woman show, she also gained acclaim as a traveling performer.

On the road throughout the late 1990s, Andrea’s songbook repertoire took her to 5 star venues all over Australia. While discovering a love for jazz – singing in the style of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Dinah Washington – Andrea was developing her three-octave range.

Always an entertainer pushing creative boundaries and expanding her craft, Andrea spent the past decade performing variously as a cabaret artist, event host and stand-up comedian as her alter-ego, psychic, Ms Zandria Seesalot.

In 2009, Andrea tapped her European roots to form the band Goulash, which, after a successful season, has since disbanded.

The covers band Mamas New Bag, around 2013, was a great showcase of her talent.

This current band with Geordie Leach  is a platform to develop, create and express their originals performing them with the best of musicians.

Giving back to the Community

Passionate about educating and entertaining community groups through music, theatre, comedy and personal development techniques, Andrea thrives on giving back to the community. She has worked as a music and drama therapist for people with disabilities, hosted a community radio show and toured a theatre troupe to high schools throughout NSW.

In the Studio

Constantly honing her songwriting skills, Andrea spends hours at a time in the studio at the piano, or playing guitar and more recently, the drum kit. Her and Geordie have been crafting and shaping songs that we can now hear on the released CD All Stitched Up.

This CD will feature guitarist Kevin Borich, Geordie Leach and a number of special guest players.

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